October 2021: Real Estate Market in Maricopa is still a strong one


Maricopa Real estate market inventory is at the highest number it’s seen in the past year. One year ago in October of 2020, there were 200 homes for sale, but today there are 250.


Normal monthly inventory averages historically hover around 300-325 homes for sale.

It’s not just Maricopa where the housing inventory is on the rise. I have been keeping in touch with agents throughout the Valley daily, and although there is a shortage of homes, instead of getting 10 offers on the 1st weekend, it has slowed to just a couple.

                                                       October 2021              October 2020
Homes for sale                                        250                             200
Average sale price in                           $368,708                      $277,811
Average price per square foot     …

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