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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Home Tech NSP’s new fingerprint technology deemed a ‘game-changer’ for police

NSP’s new fingerprint technology deemed a ‘game-changer’ for police


OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Police are cracking down on crime with the help of the Nebraska State Patrol’s new fingerprint identification system.

Two prints are all it takes and the NSP has instant access to your records in the palm of their hands. Law enforcement deems the new technology a game-changer for public safety.

“If we feel someone’s not being truthful, they don’t have any ID… passport, driver license, state ID…,” said NSP trooper Curtis Grim.

Then all troopers have to do is plug in the portable device, scan two digits, and wait. If someone has been printed for a crime or even applied for certain permits, they’ll pop up.

“These devices in the car allow us to go back and access those fingerprints and positively identify people. If someone commits a crime 15 years later, we can go back and pull their prints roadside and determine definitely who they are,” said NSP Capt. Matt Sutter.

That’s exactly how troopers caught one criminal…

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