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As has been successful tradition for all NOVITEC N-LARGO projects for years, the widebody version was developed in cooperation with Vittorio Strosek. The German designer has created numerous bodywork conversions for the world’s most exclusive sports cars over the last four decades and consequently has amassed tremendous expertise in this field.

As was already the case with the 812 Superfast, the N-LARGO bodywork for the GTS captivates with its powerful appearance. All parts are made from lightweight, yet high-strength carbon. NOVITEC attached great importance not only to a spectacular styling, but also to an outstanding surface quality and a perfect fit.

Perfectly shaped, sweeping fender flares joined seamlessly to the production body add 14 centimeters in all to the width of the spider. Newly sculpted fenders replace the production parts entirely and make the vehicle seven centimeters wider at the front axle.

The NOVITEC N-LARGO rocker panels…

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