North Korea faces economic ruin amid food and medicine shortages | North Korea


North Korea is facing one of the worst economic crises in its 73-year history, amid shortages of food and medicines and warnings of rising unemployment and homelessness.

The country’s economy has been battered by more than a year of border restrictions imposed after the coronavirus outbreak, flooding caused by natural disasters, and international sanctions imposed in response to the regime’s nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

Last month, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, called on ruling party members to wage another “arduous march” to stave off an economic crisis, which he likened to a 1990s famine in which up to three million people are thought to have died.

While groups monitoring the North say they have seen no evidence of an unfolding humanitarian disaster, observers with contacts inside the country believe worsening conditions are coinciding with a crackdown by a regime fearful of a repeat of the social upheaval that followed the…

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