Nook, Clear, Land Gorilla — Scam Guards


Today in B2B payments, Nook eyes B2B ecosystems to combat the Business Email Compromise scam, and Clear acquires yBANQ. Plus, Land Gorilla discusses construction lending disruption, BarterPay collaborates with Meridian credit union, and Finstro launches a corporate card.

B2B Payment Ecosystems Tackle Business Email Compromise

Construction Lenders Endure Rollercoaster Of Market Disruption

A housing shortage, surging demand for remodeling, supply chain bottlenecks and late B2B payments — it’s a challenging time to be in the construction space, and builders need quick access to funds to finance their projects. Land Gorilla CEO Sean Faries spoke about the importance of industry visibility for lenders to accelerate underwriting and disbursements.

B2B Payments Startup yBANQ Acquired By India’s Clear

BarterPay Collab Lets Firms Trade Extra Goods, Services Sans Cash

Canadian credit union (CU) Meridian and Hamilton,…

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