Non-Western Democracy and Its Interpretation — Valdai Club

How do the values of democracy affect the sovereignty of states and what are the limits of sovereignty in the context of a global value policy? Can non-Western (and actively criticised by the West) countries conduct a discourse on democracy? Oleg Barabanov, Programme Director of the Valdai Club, writes about this.

Recently, the Valdai Discussion Club took part in a conference hosted by China’s CITIC Foundation; one of its sessions was devoted to democracy construction.

The issues of democracy and its interpretation are now among the most acute in international relations. They are closely related to the issue of values ​​and value policy. The key disagreement revolves around whether or not the perception of democracy should be universalist, common to all countries, and based on Western values. Various non-Western interpretations of democracy are possible, and determined by the specifics of the historical, religious,…

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