No, Australia has not peaked. Our best generation is here now | Jim Chalmers and Andrew Charlton


When we started writing this piece, Brisbane was in lockdown. By the time we finished, Sydney, Victoria and South Australia were as well. Millions of Australians have already spent chunks of the last 18 months concerned for their jobs or their business, navigating the new world of remote learning and wearing the emotional strain of being cut off from the comfort of loved ones and familiar routines.

Amid all this, optimism might not seem thick on the ground.

Yet in so many ways, optimism is what is keeping us going and holding us together through strange and uncertain days. The belief that this will pass, the faith that following the rules will work, the trust in people to do the right thing by their community and each other.

Australians have shown extraordinary resourcefulness and resolve. The creativity, adaptability and selflessness of our people have set a fundamental…

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