NJPN Conference: Framing the Global Crisis


Subtitled ‘Integrating Ecological and Economic Change’, this insightful talk was given at the annual conference of the National Justice and Peace Network on 24 July. Mark Rotherham is a Lancaster-based film and media producer with wide experience in the delivery of ecological education. He works closely with the Lee House Centre for Mission Awareness in Thornley, near Longridge.

In 1947 Paul Samuelson drew the defining picture of macroeconomics. Instead of using mathematics to show financial transactions between various components of the economy his Circular Flow diagram was based on the metaphor of water flowing through plumbed pipes.

The following year engineer turned economist Bill Phillips constructed a hydraulic machine of Samuelson’s Circular Flow diagram. His MONIAC (Monetary National Income Analogue Computer) consisted of a series of transparent tanks that filled with pink water to simulate financial flows through the economy. Nobody noticed…

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