NHS Covid-19 App Updates To Ease ‘Pingdemic’


As expected, government eases sensitivity of its NHS Covid-19 app in effort to reduce ‘pingdemic’ causing worker shortages

As businesses and supermarkets struggle to source enough staff to continue operations, the government has made a change to the NHS Covid-19 app for England and Wales.

The government last month said that the app would be tweaked as coronavirus restrictions changed on 19 July.

And now the government has confirmed that the app has been updated as of Monday 2 August, to notify fewer contacts to isolate. However it is still urging the general public to keep using the app going forward.

App update

The government said the change will result in fewer contacts being advised to self-isolate following a close contact with a positive Covid-19 case.

It said that currently, for people who input a positive test but are asymptomatic, the app looks for close contacts five days prior to a positive test.

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