New warning after Adelaide couple fall victim to text message scam and lose $7K


Initially when Gayle clicked on the link nothing happened. But the next day, Gayle began receiving β€œstrange” phone calls.

The calls were β€œpeople saying, β€˜Oh, you rang me? What did you want?’” James said.

β€œThen she was getting messages with all sorts of superlatives in them.”

It didn’t take long for the couple to realise the calls were connected with Gayle clicking on the message link.

The next day Gayle noticed the balance on a Commonwealth Bank loan account had decreased from $18,000 to $11,000 – two withdrawals worth $7,000 in total had been made.

The couple rang the bank immediately and the account was blocked. But after investigating the transactions, the Commonwealth Bank told the couple it would not refund the money.

While the Commonwealth Bank offers a β€œ100% security guarantee from unauthorised transactions on personal and business accounts” it comes with the condition that customers do all they can to…

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