New update deletes notes for former blizzard employees


Next update World of Warcraft Will remove Any note Related to former blizzard employees who left the company following the California state lawsuit against Activision Blizzard Harassment cases And workplace discrimination.

Not only does it make various improvements, it also removes any hint of Jesse McGree, Louise Barrica and John LeCroft leaving the company in mid-August. This change does not actually appear in the official patch notes, but was confirmed in an email sent to the editorial board by a blizzard spokesman. PC Gamer.

World of Warcraft

McCree and LeCraft were part of the now infamous “Cosby Suite” group and there were plenty of NPCs and cities dedicated to them that would certainly now undergo changes such as changing their name or removing any reference. Barika, on the other hand, has not been directly implicated in any open case related to sexual harassment…

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