New Technology Tracks Turtles Long-Term After Rescue


Credit: New England Aquarium

HYANNIS – Marine animal experts with the New England Aquarium are receiving data for the first time from a new kind of collection method: acoustic tags surgically implanted directly into rescued sea turtles.

The first-of-its-kind pilot program collected its first batch of data just off the coast of Nantucket, where acoustic receivers had multiple detections from three loggerhead turtles that had underwent the procedure. 

Aquarium Director of Animal Health Dr. Charles Innis said turtles rescued off of Cape Cod have traditionally been tagged using either acoustic or satellite devices epoxied directly to the shell’s surface.

The new method of implantation will last longer and provide more consistent data.

Innis said one of the main data points they aim to gather from the tags is the long-term fate of turtles that leave the aquarium’s hospital, which hopefully go on to thrive in the wild.

The procedure is safe and…

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