New Technology Keeps Seniors On The Move


Autonomous cars may one day be the answer to all our vehicle transportation needs, including for disabled persons, visually impaired people, and older Americans. But although autonomous trucks are just around the corner, as I wrote last week, autonomous cars are years away from widespread use on our roads. 

The nonprofit Independent Transportation Network of America (ITNAmerica), founded in 1995, has developed a ride-share program for seniors and visually impaired people. With partners in almost 100 locations all over the country, it offers arm-through-arm, door-through-door rides. (Full disclosure: I am an unpaid board member of ITNAmerica.)

America needs to develop solutions to driving accessibility today, so that people who can’t drive will still be able to travel easily in cars. In addition, as Congress funds better infrastructure, America needs to protect, to augment, and to strengthen GPS systems so that drivers don’t lose signal or get…

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