New Technology Enables Solar Cells to be Integrated into Glass


ARMOR solar power films GmbH from Kitzingen, Germany, known under the brand name ASCA, has developed a new technology that allows organic photovoltaic (OPV) cells to be integrated quickly, easily and flexibly into any glass format and facade. Flat glass processor BGT Bischoff Glastechnik GmbH – based in Bretten near Karlsruhe, Germany – is now offering the transparent, energy-generating glass modules to the global construction industry. In addition to manufacturing the OPV components, ARMOR ASCA also plans the system integration, from cable routing and connection technology to the inverter. The solar power is fed into the public grid or consumed directly.

Energy-generating high-rise buildings

While the balustrades are transparent from the inside, they are translucent from the outside, thereby guaranteeing privacy from the outside. The solar power is produced by carbon-based organic solar cells, which ARMOR ASCA applies in very thin layers to…

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