New Report Shows Real Estate Agents are Increasing Reliant on Social Media Marketing


While the pandemic is causing major economic impacts, the real estate industry is still booming in many markets, with house prices skyrocketing in Q2 of 2021. That, in turn, has increased competition within the sector, and with over 3 million licensed real estate agents in the US alone, the race to stand out is incredibly fierce.  

Agents need to establish an edge, wherever possible, to maximize their performance, and many are finding that effective social media usage can give them that push, and boost their connection with both buyers and sellers. 

Indeed, in July 2021, real estate publisher The Close conducted a survey of 135 real estate professionals, with the results indicating that the majority (60%) of agents now feel that social media is even more important than their own website for their marketing and outreach efforts.

Of course, social platforms can facilitate more reach than an individual brand website, so the finding here is not a…

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