New imaging tech promises cheap, handheld skin cancer scanner


A team of researchers from the Stevens Institute of Technology has demonstrated the effectiveness of a new kind of non-invasive skin cancer detection tool. Preliminary tests have found the technology to be 97 percent effective at detecting cancerous tissue and the researchers are now working to miniaturize the system into a low-cost handheld device.

The new system leverages a technology called high-resolution millimeter-wave imaging. The technology is similar to the scanning systems used for whole-body security imaging in airports.

Prior work from the Stevens research team demonstrated high-resolution millimeter-wave imaging could effectively be used to spot cancerous tissue as the waves generated by the imaging device were found to reflect back from skin differently when encountering cancer tissue.

While these previous studies were a useful proof-of-concept, they were only performed on tissue samples in lab conditions and not on living patients in real…

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