New DNA-Based Processor Technology Proposed by Researchers


The word ‘DNA’ conjures up images of the double-stranded helix that houses all of our genetic information. Individual units of its two strands, on the other hand, are pairs of molecules linked in a selected, complementary manner. According to The Register, a group of researchers from South Korea’s Incheon National University have built a basic processor composed of DNA molecules, with the goal of eventually replacing existing electronics-based processors.

The use of DNA molecules in computers has primarily been explored in terms of storage. Researchers have experimented with DNA molecules to build storage systems that can easily contain terabytes of data as biology and computer science have come together.

However, there is a little flaw with this method. While the large storage capacity of DNA-based systems is an attractive feature, it does have a drawback. For a single base to be written to DNA-based storage, it can take up to a second to read…

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