New CEO gives low down on real estate deals


Bergman said: “We’ve developed over the years and continue to focus on our relationships with lending sources, and that includes banks, funds, credit unions, Wall Street shops and life companies – the more relationships we have, the better we can serve our clients.

“We take any type of deal that needs to find the right lending source. Having the breadth of relationships that we have, it makes it much more likely that the deal will be a success. As way of example, last month we tied up transactions with applications with 52 different lenders. That’s an astronomical number in one month.

“We also put up a deal under application with a lender in Alaska. I would venture to guess that most of my competition would just pass on the deal and say they just don’t have lenders doing deals in Alaska,” he added.

Among his bugbears is any banking regulation that runs counter to common sense and mortgage…

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