New campaign finance law allows child care expenses to be paid from political funds


What passes for political expenses in Illinois often run the gamut.

Politicians on and off the ballot have spent campaign cash over the years on legal fees — pre- and post-indictment — meals for staffers as well as season tickets for the Chicago Bulls, White Sox, Cubs and Notre Dame. Former House Speaker Michael Madigan was especially partial to the Fighting Irish.

Campaign funds even once covered the funeral expenses of a former state legislator.

So, why not child care?

That was one question state Sen. Melinda Bush said drove her push to clarify state law pertaining to the use of campaign funds. She argues that clarification, which is part of a sweeping election bill recently signed into law, could remove a barrier to running for office.

“[Political] office shouldn’t just be held by people who have access to money,” the Grayslake Democrat told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Bush said she decided to seek the clarification after traveling the state…

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