New Birch Grove has more security cameras, upgraded tech | Newsletters


TOLLAND — The newly built Birch Grove Primary School includes 49 security cameras, up from 22 in the previous building, and upgraded technology, school officials say as they prepare for the first day of school Sept. 8.

This change was announced at a Birch Grove Building Committee meeting on Aug. 24 as school officials went over last minute details of the $45.8 million building project before it opens its doors to the public.

“It’s helpful to have that kind of security structure because it helps gives us options to keep kids safe,” Superintendent Walter Willett said on Friday. The former school building was also slated to get additional cameras before the mineral pyrrhotite was found in its concrete, forcing the town to demolish the building at 247 Rhodes Road and construct a new school on the site for about 500…

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