Never a dull moment in suburban politics | Roegner


Politics in suburban cities are never dull, and they won’t be this year.

In Federal Way, incumbent Mayor Jim Ferrell has not made a priority of solving the homeless challenge, but has only token opposition from perrenial candidate Mark Greene. Ferrell had appeared to be most vulnerable from the left, but his late election cycle opposition is coming from conservatives, who appear to have a plan to take over the Federal Way City Council, propose to change the form of government, and put Ferrell out of a job — rather than take him on directly with a candidate.

The “Stand Up Federal Way” group is supporting candidates against each council member who is up for election. Many in this group took the law in their own hands and filled shopping carts with belongings from a homeless camp and placed them on 320th Street, even though the city had already made arrangements with the property owner to clear the property.

The “Stand Up” group doesn’t…

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