Neoliberalism Has Quietly Flourished Under Welsh Labour – It’s Time To Break The Silence

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This week sees the publication of The Welsh Way: Essays on Neoliberalism and Devolution. Published by Parthian Books with a forward by Michael Sheen, it is a volume of 22 chapters from a collection of academics, writers, practitioners and activists, analysing the negative impact of neoliberalism and how consecutive Welsh governments, in spite of the radical and ‘socialist’ rhetoric, have failed to protect us from its worst effects. In an extract from the book, its editors set out their main arguments. 

Cover image: A closed Citizen Advice Bureau, Bargoed, by Glyn Owen

The Welsh Way

During the referendum campaign in 1997 Devolution was pitched as a way of protecting Welsh communities from the seemingly endless succession of callous Tory governments, while simultaneously benefiting from the fruits of its relationship with the British state. The best of both worlds.

Every devolved government that has sat in…

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