NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity completes nine years on the Red Planet-Technology News, Firstpost


Curiosity Rover recently celebrated his birthday on Mars on the night of August 5th. The robot, launched in November 2011 and reaching Mars on August 5, 2012, has been on the red planet for the past nine years. It is designed to have a lifespan of 14 years.

With the help of Rover observation, Scientists were able to better understand the red planet. Over the last nine years, Rover has traveled over 25 km (16.14 miles total).

NASA has released a self-portrait of curiosity since 2018, sitting on top of Vera Rubin Ridge on Mars. Image Credit: NASA

Observations made by Rover revealed that in the ancient past, Martian Gale craters hosted a system of lakes and streams. This discovery suggests that the red planet could have been as life-supporting as Earth.

Another sign of life discovered by Mars’ curiosity is organic chemicals. These elements contain carbon, which is considered a component of life. A spike in methane…

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