Mystery of ‘The Cryptoqueen’ who vanished with Bitcoin worth $13BILLION in one of world’s biggest ever scams


DR Ruja Ignatova was quite literally “The Cryptoqueen” – or at least that’s what she made people think.

The glamorous Oxford-educated entrepreneur built a cyber empire by convincing more than a million people worldwide to invest in what she dubbed “The Bitcoin Killer”.


Dr Ruja Ignatova dubbed herself the ‘Cryptoqueen’
She is thought to be on the run with $13billion


She is thought to be on the run with $13billionCredit: OneCoinOfficialPage/Facebook

Glitzy sales pitches and promises of easy money using her OneCoin tokens took the world by storm – including a famous sales event at Wembley Arena.

But with no blockchain set up – the digital ledger that acts the foundation to manage crypto – the OneCoin was virtually worthless.

It is one of a number of failed crypto currencies – if it was ever meant to be a success.

And then, she vanished taking with her an estimated $13billion in Bitcoin in what is believed to be one of world’s biggest ever scams.

When Dr Ruja mysteriously…

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