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Real estate is an excellent investment — but only if you know what you are doing. Knowledge and understanding are critical for building success as a real estate investor, but the traditional avenues for gaining such skill, i.e. buying a bunch of real estate and seeing what sticks, can be time-intensive, laborious and incredibly costly.

Fortunately, courses are a fast-track for gaining the information and abilities you need to be a competent real estate investor. Here are a handful of must-do classes you can use to boost your real estate investment skills and see more success sooner.

Real Estate Analysis Fundamentals

If you aren’t yet certain which type of real estate you want to invest in, you might start with an analysis fundamentals course. Beginners often have a hard time determining which properties are ripe for investment, what market conditions to track, and when and where to expand their portfolio. While you could learn the basics of real…

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