‘MPs have shown courage and defiance in the face of Sir David Amess’ tragic murder’ – Kevin Maguire


Most politicians are both worried about physical attacks and resistant to measures building walls between them and constituents, writes Kevin Maguire

Sir David Amess is the second MP murdered in five years after Labour’s Jo Cox in 2016

Back in the day I was repeatedly told in Westminster that Roy Mason, a Northern Ireland Secretary in the 1970s, would later make inflammatory comments attacking the IRA whenever security reviews threatened to remove his car, driver and armed protection.

The story went the former coal miner liked a permanent taxi service and the status bestowed by a Special Branch gunman sitting nearby when he popped into working men’s clubs for a pint.

I’ve no idea if the tale’s true and the late Labour MP, subsequently Baron Mason of Barnsley, is no longer on the end of a telephone to check.

What I do know as fact from countless conversations over the years with the current crop of politicians is most are both worried about…

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