Mozilla Firefox is now available on the Windows Store


A couple of weeks ago, we told you that Mozilla is testing Firefox on the Microsoft Store. But it wasn’t available for users, that changes today. The browser has been released to Microsoft’s marketplace.

Mozilla announced the news on its blog, and while it claims the first major browser to be available in the Windows Store, that honor actually belongs to Microsoft Edge. Now, the big question is, how does the new app differ from the regular Firefox?

Thankfully, the app isn’t a toned-down version, it is on par with the normal version in that it is based on the Gecko engine. In other words, both browsers are identical. The MSIX package is on par with the desktop version, at 94.0.1. You can have the Windows Store version and the normal Firefox installed at the same time. Can you run both versions of the browser simultaneously? The answer is, surprisingly, yes.

Firefox Windows Store version

The Firefox Windows app  uses the Proton UI, and allows you to access about:config and make changes…

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