Motor Bella aims to inspire innovation that drives our economy


PONTIAC, Mich. (WXYZ) — We have come so far since the days of Henry Ford, and innovation is not stopping. If you come out to Motor Bella you will see the innovations that could change how you drive in the future and some of the most elite vehicles on the road today.

In the Gallery display at Motor Bella, you will find 25 ultra-luxury, high-performance, and exotic vehicles on display. It is the first time this collection has been seen by the public in full.

The CEO of Cunningham Automotive Antonio Pierce showed off the Cunningham 60th Anniversary C8 Corvette in the Gallery. It is made in honor of manufacturer and racer Briggs Cunningham. Only 60 of these $160,000 Corvettes are being made. It is designed to be driven for pleasure and racing.

“We estimate it is going to a few tenths of a second for 0 to 60 and again half a second or more, quicker in the quarter-mile than the standard Vette,” said Pierce.

As you walk the M-1 Concourse at Motor Bella, you…

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