Mother’s Day 2021: Business boom ray of hope for restaurants, despite staffing struggles

CHICAGO (WLS) — Restaurant owners and managers said sales expected from Mother’s Day weekend could bring numbers they haven’t seen since before COVID, but staffing up for the rush is a struggle.

And it’s not just the food industry seeing the business boom.

“We’ve been getting 25 trucks a week unloading plants and as soon as we get them in, it’s selling out. People just can’t get enough,” said Jennifer Brennan, Chalet Nursery and Garden Center.

The desire to treat mom has translated to a busy weekend ahead.

“For Mother’s Day, we’re packed,” said Ozzie Godoy, general manager of Carnivale.

“There’s a huge demand for reservations, more than I’ve seen in the past,” said Relu Stan, owner of Fulton Market Kitchen.

The sound of ringing phones and the sight of full reservation books is more than welcome to restaurant owners and managers.

“To see the light at the end of the tunnel, you know, it’s just, it’s unbelievable,” Stan said.

“We’re more than excited and we’re…

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