‘Morning Show’ focus is on avoiding scams | News


NEWBURYPORT — Frank Cousins Jr., a Newburyport resident and former Essex County sheriff, will visit “The Morning Show” on Thursday, Dec. 9, to talk about how to avoid online and phone scams.

Host Mary Jacobsen will interview Cousins about how to spot “red flags” in bogus e-mail or phone solicitations claiming to be from the IRS, Social Security or other financial institutions or businesses.

Scammers are increasingly sophisticated in their ability to simulate colorful trademarks and logos that appear credible at first glance, but are actually fraudulent, according to Cousins. A safe practice is to verify authenticity prior to providing any personal information.

Cousins will also talk about why senior citizens, who may not be as fluent in online maneuvers, and young people, who utilize…

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