‘Money ritual is a scam, part of 419 business’


There have been countless phenomenal revelations indicating the plunging depth of societal decadence in Nigeria and by extension, Africa; but a trend that comes with grave repercussions for the society is the rising spate of ritual killings. In this report, ADEYINKA ADENIJI focuses on the rising spate of ritual killings and future of Nigerian youths

Though there are different shades of opinions by wellmeaning Nigerians on the veracity of claims to the existence of anything like money-making rituals; evidence abounds that there are some groups of Nigerians, who believe in the possibility of helping their fortune through money ritualism. Every day in the news, readers are greeted with different cases of ritual related killings.

Everywhere across the country, the police authorities’ parade people arrested with human parts. Many of them confess to sourcing the parts for money ritual purposes. On June 2, 2019, the remains of a newly-wedded Odo-Owa…

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