‘Money Mafia Season 2’: A promising series, cursorily told (IANS Review, Rating: **)


Series: “Money Mafia Season 2” (Streaming on ‘discovery+’); Duration: 30 minutes.

Director: Sajeed A.

Cast: Prakash Inchathanam, Manoj V. George, Suhel Daud, Nishikant Karlikar, Shishir Hiray, Vikram Chavan, Nidheesh, Thomas Issac.

Rating: **

Fear and greed are emotional issues that make a man blind, foolish, and easy prey. This known fact is reiterated by Season 2 of Money Mafia, streaming on discovery+.

The series consisting of four episodes each lasting 30 minutes, showcases white collared organised crimes namely: The IRS Call Centre Scam, The Popular Finance Scam of Kerala, The Ketan Parekh case, and the Cryptocurrency Fraud.

These scams and frauds made headlines when they were unearthed a few years ago. For those who have not heard of them, this series is educational. But for others, the series is a reiteration.

The first episode covers the three hundred million IRS (US-based Internal Revenue Service) Call Centre Scam. There are…

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