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Ari Kaplan recently spoke with Marla Crawford, the general counsel at Cimplifi, an integrated legal services provider that aligns e-discovery and contract analytics for corporate legal departments and law firms.

Ari Kaplan: Tell us about your background and your role at Cimplifi.

Marla Crawford: I started my practice at Jones Day in the late ’80s and worked there for 22 years. After that, I went to Goldman Sachs, where I managed e-discovery globally and worked in litigation for almost 11 years. I’ve been general counsel of Cimplifi for a little over a year now and wear many hats as the only working lawyer at the company. I handle anything that really relates to the practice of law, manage the firm’s risk, participate in client matters, help with workflows, and support the evaluation of technology. I began our diversity, equity and inclusion committee with Cimplifi’s president, Amy Hinzmann, and am the executive sponsor of our contract…

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