MLA Maurice Bradley issues warning following recent spate of Facebook scams


Residents of the Causeway Coast & Glens Borough are being warned about a wave of online scams where fraudsters hack into Facebook accounts in a bid to steal money from family and friends.

The sophisticated scam(s) involves a hacker gaining access to an existing Facebook Messenger account.  

Statistics reveal that the majority of ‘hacked’ accounts are down to the fault of the user clicking on external unverified applications and allowing facebook access or a weak password.    

The scam involves a hacker taking over your Facebook account and then messaging your friends as if they are you.

They will ask your friends for a short-term loan for something seemingly innocent but urgent like paying a bill.

The cybercriminals give their own account details so the money is transferred straight to them.

MLA Maurice Bradley said “I would urge people to exercise caution, and if they receive any requests for money from…

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