Missouri Senate breaks impasse over Medicaid and abortion funding | Politics


“Today I lost. There’s always next year,” Onder said. “I think it’s pathetic we’re wasting the taxpayer’s money on this special session.”

Sen. Dan Hegeman, R-Cosby, who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, said allowing for a federal role in the state’s plan was a key condition of breaking the logjam.

And, in a nod to a compromise meted out by a bipartisan group of Senate women, the legislation also would remove the specific names of birth control drugs and devices from the legislation.

The breakthrough, which still needs formal approval in the Legislature’s upper chamber, paves the way for the tax renewal to move to the Republican-controlled House for further debate.

The Senate meets again Saturday. The House returns to the Capitol Monday and could wrap up business by Wednesday.

At issue is renewal of the Federal Reimbursement Allowance, a tax on hospitals and nursing homes that generates a significant portion of Missouri’s…

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