Mirai variant ‘Beastmode’ exploits fresh vulnerabilities


A variant of the Mirai botnet called Beastmode has been observed exploiting recently-discovered vulnerabilities.

The Mirai botnet is composed primarily of IoT and embedded devices. In 2016, Mirai made national headlines when it used exploited connected devices to overwhelm several high-profile targets with record-setting Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.

Mirai’s original creator was arrested in the fall of 2018 but variants have continued to emerge which take advantage of new vulnerabilities.

Security researchers from Fortinet have been observing the Beastmode variant and found that it’s been aggressively updating its “arsenal of exploits”. Fortinet’s researchers observed Beastmode adding five new exploits within a month.

Three of the exploits use vulnerabilities discovered between February and March 2022 to target various models of TOTOLINK routers:

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