Michigan Attorney General Warns of New Social Security Robocall Scam


The state attorney general in Michigan, Dana Nessel, has issued a warning about a robocall scam related to citizens’ Social Security numbers.

“Scammers are pretending to be the Social Security Administration (SSA) and try to get your social security number or your money,” the warning says. “Below is one example, telling you your benefits will end. Other scams include lies about suspending your social security number because of suspicious activity or a crime, reactivating your social security number, your bank accounts being seized, etc.”

The call, according to a transcript, warns that the call recipient will lose their Social Security number and that their “social benefits will be canceled until further clearance.” The call also asks for users to press 1, in order to prevent their Social Security from being “blocked permanently.”

The attorney general has advice for those receiving such calls.

“This is a scam….

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