Michael Rakowitz: Nimrud Engages With Students, Faculty – News


Alexander Jarman, assistant curator of exhibitions and academic outreach at the Wellin Museum of Art, writes here about student and faculty engagement with the exhibition Michael Rakowitz: Nimrud

Throughout the 2020-21 academic year, more than 50 Hamilton classes have engaged with the Wellin Museum’s current exhibition Michael Rakowitz: Nimrud through visits and tours of the show. 

As you might expect, we welcomed art and art history classes, but it was further gratifying to see the exhibition’s themes connect to many other disciplines including anthropology, Arabic, archaeology, Asian studies, classics, dance, environmental studies, French, literature, religious studies, Russian, and sociology, often in conversation with the artist, Michael Rakowitz, and guest curator Katherine Alcauskas.

In my role as the museum’s liaison to the faculty, I saw how a visit to the exhibition could spur thought-provoking, relevant conversations in a class….

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