Michael Metz: Workforce development drives the economy


This commentary is by Michael Metz, a retired materials scientist, entrepreneur and business owner who is on the board of the Maker Space Generator and the Vermont Community Foundation. This commentary is from a 10-part series responding to pressing topics identified in a draft “Proposition for the Future of Vermont” developed by the nonpartisan Vermont Council on Rural Development. Learn more about its May 26-27 virtual summit at futureofvermont.org

  • Part 7: Vermont must strengthen business vitality advancing entrepreneurship, investment, workforce and rural innovation.

There is ample evidence to illustrate why workforce development is essential.

Vermont’s rate of job growth lags behind the national average. Colleges have closed, with more likely to fail. Employment has shrunk and not entirely due to Covid. Vermont is the second-grayest state in the nation and many of our companies are facing a labor shortage crisis with the retirement of…

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