Michael Mann gets 12-year sentence in $101 million Clifton Park-based MyPayrollHR national fraud


ALBANY — Michael Mann on Wednesday drew a 12-year prison term — significantly less than sentencing guidelines specify — for a payroll fraud scheme that caused $101 million in losses for businesses large and small and anxiety for  thousands of their workers.

Prosecutors had called for 22 years in prison, slightly more than the minimum specified by federal guidelines, and objected to the 12-year sentence handed down by U.S. District Court Judge Lawrence Kahn, a prelude to possibly appealing it.

Mann maintained a Ponzi scheme for six years. Toward the end, he was kiting millions of dollars a day between accounts to keep it going. It collapsed at the end of August 2019 when one bank and then a second froze key accounts used by his companies, including MyPayrollHR.com in Clifton Park.

Hundreds of companies that used his payroll services lost money in the collapse, as did thousands of their employees, temporarily if not…

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