MH370 mystery could be solved by new technology to track aircraft radio signals – World News


Despite the most expensive search in aviation history, little trace has been found of MH370 Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 after it and its 239 passengers and crew went missing

In an photo taken in the immediate aftermath, a girl surveys a board covered in messages of support for the missing MH370 passengers

New technology could help predict the final location of the airliner MH370, finally solving the seven-year search for the plane and its 239 passengers.

Little trace has ever been found of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 after it vanished over the Indian Ocean in 2014 on a flight between Kuala Lumpur an Beijing.

Theories for the disappearance have ranged from something as benign as technical failure to as sinister as mass murder-suicide by Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, the Malaysian captain.

The last search was carried out in 2018 by marine robotics company Ocean Infinity with unmanned underwater vehicles covering nearly 50,000 square miles but nothing was…

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