Metal detectors at Norwich clubs to tackle knife crime


2:29 PM November 21, 2021

4:49 PM November 21, 2021

Norwich clubs and bars have trialled airport-style security in a bid to tackle knife crime and reports of spiking.

A hi-tech scanner that can detect whether someone is carrying a deadly blade or other metal objects including needles has been used for the first time in the city. 

Metal detector checks at The Loft in Rose Lane.

– Credit: Simon Parkin

Thousands of clubbers were screened over the weekend using the portable metal detector to search for people with weapons.

The tool detects a disruption in the electromagnetic field caused by metal and can be adjusted to scan for larger objects like knives down to smaller objects like needles used in spiking attacks.

Security checks outside The Loft.

Clubbers being asked to remove metal objects as part of airport-style security checks outside The Loft.

– Credit: Simon Parkin

It is the first time Norfolk police has…

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