Merkel calls on women to get more active in politics | News | DW


Germany’s outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel called for women to get more involved in politics, in a broad-ranging interview published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper’s weekend edition.  

“We’ve still not managed to enthuse enough women for politics,” Merkel said. “We need to work on women having more confidence overall. Because even when there are women present, it’s not like they’re the ones wrangling over the party leadership position.” 

“I can only urge women to get involved. Only having men, that just doesn’t fit with the times anymore,” she added.

She noted that if a political party wants to remain a big popular party, or Volkspartei, it should attract more women to its ranks and strive for gender parity.

A rare woman in a male-dominated party

The comments come amid heated debate in Germany this week about gender inequality and sexism following accusations of sexual misconduct at media company Axel Springer and fears that Merkel’s exit…

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