Mercedes junior Vesti passes Hauger to win Race 3


The ART Grand Prix driver, who started second, took the lead at the halfway mark before crossing the chequered flag ahead of Prema’s Hauger.

Hauger’s teammate Olli Caldwell completed the podium, with Vesti’s teammate Alexander Smolyar in fourth.

Caio Collet struggled to get his MP Motorsport car off the grid after stalling, pushing him to the back of the grid, but Hauger managed to get a clean start from pole position.

But Vesti had made up the difference by lap five, taking the lead with DRS after having crept towards Hauger in the lead over the previous laps.

Caldwell overtook MP Motorsport’s Victor Martins on lap six, before his teammate Arthur Leclerc did the same.

Smolyar took second on the seventh lap, while Caldwell and Leclerc passed Jak Crawford (Hitech Grand Prix) up into fifth and sixth respectively.

Smolyar briefly took the lead on lap 11 ahead of Vesti while Hauger took second.

On lap 14, Leclerc and Martins collided, with Leclerc…

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