Mélenchon appears as hologram in final push for French election | France


Speaking via hologram to multiple locations across France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the radical leftwing politician who aims to throw the presidential election off course, told supporters victory was within their grasp at his last campaign rally on Tuesday evening.

The veteran candidate, who has been edging his way up the polls and is in third place, described himself as a political tortoise: slow but with the potential to beat the hares to the finishing line.

“We have a few days and we can feel our destiny at our fingertips. We know we can push for the most incredible political change of direction imaginable,” he said in a 90-minute speech that touched on philosophy, literature and a 15th-century feminist treatise. “We have to break with presidential monarchy and install the sovereignty of the people. Everyone has an individual, personal responsibility for the result on Sunday,” he told them.

Mélenchon, 70, used special technology to “appear” in…

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