Meet the man behind Tveeder, the no-frills live TV transcript that became an Australian media hero | Australian media


On any given day, Franco Trimboli’s hobby makes the news.

During office hours the 42-year-old who lives in suburban Melbourne is a coder, digital designer and project manager for the educational branch of the jobs website Seek.

But Trimboli is also the little-known founder of Tveeder, a website that provides a live transcript of almost anything that airs on free-to-air TV in Australia. Even if you have never heard of it, you will certainly have read an article or watched a news bulletin that relied on it.

The site is freely accessible to anyone, but has become an essential tool for almost anyone working in the media or politics.

When it works, people copy and paste its success; when it fails, they curse its misses.

For the working journalist, Tveeder has for years been like a spare limb – it scribbles down the press conference, the leadership spill, the politician’s tears or the police commissioner’s briefing, or even an episode of MasterChef, all…

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