Marylanders Lost $62 Million to Scammers in 2020. Here Are The Top 5 Scams and How to Avoid Them!



A new study found Americans lost a record $4.2 billion to online scams in 2020 and Maryland is the No. 18 most-scammed state losing $62,473,193.

Business owners, lonely singles and desperate people duped into fake investments lost the most money as fraudsters grow more sophisticated by the day. released a study on the State of Internet Scams 2021 using 2021 data from the FBI, IC3 and FTC.

Among the key findings, the actual amount of money stolen likely exceeds the reported $4.2 billion, after a poll of 722 scam victims found 73% were too ashamed to even file a report.

The five most-scammed states are California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Ohio; and surprisingly Gen Z has seen a 52% surge in victims since 2017, the most of any age group.

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Here are the 5 Costliest Scams to Avoid Right Now:

1)      Business Email Compromise (BEC): $1.8 billion lost in 2020, $96,373 per victim.Business owners must be on alert for scammers…

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