Martin Lewis warns ITV viewers about Royal Mail scam


Martin Lewis has issued a warning on the “well-known” Royal Mail scam.

It led to many accounts of people falling victim – including one graduate who lost thousands.

Trading Standards has said the scam is still doing the rounds.

Hoax texts have been followed by malicious emails – and Trading Standards have issued a fresh warning

And during an appearance on ITV’s This Morning last week, Martin Lewis told people what to do if they get a text.

One caller had received a text from Royal Mail and wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Eammon Holmes read the message aloud on air.

He said: “Your package has been held and will not be delivered due to a £1.99 unpaid shipping fee.

“To pay this now visit – and then they say deposit delivery fee dot com.”

Martin immediately recognised the message as a scam.

He said: “That is a scam.”

“That is a very well-known scam.”

The finance…

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