Marriott files lawsuit against robocall scammers – Travel Weekly — Scam Guards


One of the world’s biggest hotel companies has filed a lawsuit against “John Does” in a bid to put a stop to fraudulent “robocalls”.

Marriott International filed a federal lawsuit on Tuesday in Virginia against the “unknown perpetrators” (John Does) behind a spate of robocalls using the chain’s name.

The suit claims the perpetrators are using Marriott’s brand for their own commercial gain in violation of state and federal laws.

Marriott said in a release that it will aggressively pursue the identities of the robocallers to halt these illegal acts affecting consumers and its brand identity.

Robocalls are a deceptive form of telemarketing involving pre-recorded telephone calls to convince consumers to hand over money or personal details by falsely representing a trusted company or government iorganisation.

Robocallers claiming to be from Marriott increased in the US dramatically in 2020, reaching a peak of…

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