Marion Council seeks state investigations into City Auditor’s Office


Marion City Council approved a resolution on Monday to ask the Ohio Auditor to investigate the City Auditor’s Office regarding three different issues.

The decision to do so came after Monday evening’s meeting where two different resolutions about these issues were approved. Each of these resolutions will ask the state auditor to conduct an investigation into the City Auditor’s Office while also handing over any relevant information council can provide about the topics.

The first resolution was proposed by Councilmen Josh Daniels, I-At Large, after discovering an employee within the City Auditor’s Office was possibly hired without following city hiring guidelines. The second resolution will have the State Auditor look into the mistaken payment of $1.28 million intended for the IRS as well as City Auditor Robert Landon’s allegation that the city’s books were off by $100 million due to the previous administration.

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